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Black Handkerchief
Old Fashion
Southern Stars Style
Belgium Style
Diamond Style
Rose Garden Style
Irish Rose Style
Venice Lace
Southern Rose
Handkerchief Irish Lace
Handkerchief 2061
Handkerchief St. George
Cotton handkerchief
Color handkerchiefs

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Black Handkerchief
$54.00 per dozen



Handkerchief. Lady handkerchief. Wedding handkerchief.
Monogram handkerchief. Lace handkerchief.
All of our lady handkerchiefs are made by hand.
All the lace are made by hand.
Beautiful made handkerchief with the best price.


Please click on a picture for price and other information.


Handmade handkerchief
Handkerchief for wedding
Old Fashion Style
handkerchief 003.(2.5 sm img).JPG (9734 bytes)
handmade handkerchief.
handkerchief with stars.
Southern Stars Style
$50.00 / dozen
(Sold by the dozen)

handmade handkerchief
Southern Rose Style

Handmade Handkerchief
Handkerchief  with square
Diamond Style
handkerchiefs - venice lace.(2.5).JPG (9855 bytes)
Handmade Handkerchief
Handkerchief handmade Lace
Venice Style.

Handkerchief handmade
Handkerchief lace trim
Edinburgh Design Hemstitch
$84.00 / dozen

Handmade Lace.
Handkerchief with class
Fancy Belgium Style
(the best of hand embroidery)
handkerchief Rose Gardern Style.(2.6 in).JPG (11629 bytes)
All handmade.
Handkerchief handmade design
Rose Garden Style
handkerchief Irish Rose Style.(2.6 in).JPG (9227 bytes)
All the embroidery 
made by hand
Irish Rose Style.

Handmade Lace
Style # 2800-2061
$50.00 / dozen
(Sold by the dozen)

All handmade extra wide lace
Saint George Style

All handmade.
Irish Design Fine Hemstitch
$84.00 / dozen

Plain Cotton handkerchief
Hemstitch border

color 13"x13" napkins
Soft cotton with hemstitch trim

Black handkerchief
12.5"x12.5" square
$54.00 per dozen



$36.00 per dozen / same color

Aqua handkerchief

Black handkerchief

Brown handkerchief

Gold handkerchief

Hot Green hankie

Hot Pink handkerchief

Ivory handkerchief

Lime Green hankie

Sage color hankie

Christmas Red hankie

Taupe color

White hankie
Available colors: handkerchief with hemstitches.
Size: 13"x13" square. Made with very soft "handkerchief" cotton material.
Aqua color handkerchief
Black color handkerchief
Brown color handkerchief
Gold color handkerchief
Hot Green color handkerchief
Hot Pink color handkerchief
Ivory color handkerchief
Lime Green color handkerchief
Sage color handkerchief
Christmas Red color handkerchief
Taupe color handkerchief
White color (plain) handkerchief
Please clicks on the pictures for prices.

Handkerchief. Lady Lace handkerchief. 
All the lace handkerchief are made by hand.
Excellent workmanship handkerchief. 
Each handkerchief of lace are made by hand.

Handmade lace handkerchief has more character or
more classic than machine made handkerchief.




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