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Carolina Style
Christina Round Doilies
Christina Square Doilies
Dynasty Round Doily
Dynasty Square Doily
Edinburgh Style
Emerald Doilies
Empress Style
Fancy Belgium Style
Battenburg Lace
Pricness Anne Round
Sun Flowers Style
Southern Star Style
Southern Hearts Style
Happy Heart Style
Square Lace

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Black Handkerchief
$54.00 per dozen


Doily. Lace doily.
Round doily.
Square doily
Crochet doily. Embroidery doily. Doily with many hearts.

Please click on a picture for other sizes and price.

christina style 6 in round coaster (2 in ).JPG (10462 bytes)
Christina Style. Round.

Doily. Round. 
Happy Heart Style. Round.

Round doily.
Dynasty Style Round.

Lace doily.
Princess Anne Style Round Doilies
pa 7 sq cocktail npk ( 2 inch image).JPG (15456 bytes)
White doily.
Princess Anne Style 
7" square doily
Empress Style Doilies (sm image)(10.6.1999).JPG (10661 bytes)
Embroidery doily
Empress Style round doily
sun flower heart doily.JPG (28838 bytes)
Crochet doily.
Sun Flower Style heart doily.

Hand Crochet doily
Sun Flower Style
Square doily.
Carolina Style Doilies (small image)(10.6.1999).JPG (10325 bytes)
Crochet Trim doily
Carolina Style
Crochet Trim doily
edinburgh 6 sq cocktail npk.(2 inch image).JPG (15315 bytes)
Cotton doily
Edinburgh Style
Square cocktail napkin
FB 12 inched rd (small image)(10.6.99).JPG (14162 bytes)
Battenburg Doily.
Fancy Belgium Style
 round doily

White cotton doily.
Emerald Style round doily
dynasty 18 sq napkin.(2 inch image).JPG (12760 bytes)
Dynasty Style Square
doily or used as anapkin
Christina Square doilies (10.13.99).(2.0 sm).JPG (11833 bytes)
Crystal doily.
Christina Style
square doilies 

Decorative doily
Nottingham Style
battenburg lace doilies,
with all over battenburg lace.

Hearts Style
Round Cluny Lace
Doilies. All Hand Sewn

Doily with heart.
Happy Hearts Style
Square doilies

Doily Craft Handmade
Crochet Lace.
Sun Flower Style
Hand Crochet Round Doilies

Dynasty Style
Extra Fancy Cutworks Doilies




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