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Irish Rose Style
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Black Handkerchief
$54.00 per dozen



Irish Rose Style Tablecloth
This is a special design tablecloth, 
with many pink roses.
Made with "Hemstitch Trim Border" .
And all around the tablecloth. 
Made with all cotton.

Irish Rose Tablecloth (10.3.1999 new).JPG (25949 bytes)
Irish Rose Tablecloth 2nd part (10.3.99.new).JPG (19888 bytes)
Irish Rose Flowers - closed up.JPG (14962 bytes)
(this is the closed up look of the "Irish Roses", 
with pink match with soft pink,
blue and very lighted green color.)


Rectangular Style Dinner Tablecloths


Size Price Napkins Color 
72"x90"  Rectangular US$ 140.00 each with 12 napkins white
72"x108" Rectangular US$ 160.00 each with 12 napkins white
72"x126" Rectangular US$ 180.00 each with 12 napkins white
72"x144" Rectangular US$ 200.00 each with 12 napkins white



Square Table Toppers

Size Price Napkins Color
36" Square US$ 40.00 each not included white
45" Square US$ 60.00 each not included white
54" Square US$ 80.00 each not included white

Irish Rose Style 18 inches square dinner napkins $36.00 per dozen.

Irish Rose Style 
Fancy 18" Square placemats with 2" hemstitch trim border.

Irish Rose hemstitch napkin folded.JPG (22335 bytes)






Irish Rose Style 18" napkin with "Hemstitch Trim Border"
There are four roses in this special design napkins, roses at each corner.
Made with all cotton.
$60.00 per dozen

Irish Rose Style 
Regular dinner napkin 18" square, with a plain border. 

Irish Rose Napkin folded.JPG (23714 bytes)







Irish Rose Style 18" dinner napkin.
This is the regular dinner napkin, has only one rose on this napkin. 
Made with all cotton.
$36.00 per dozen.




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