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Emerald Doilies
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Black Handkerchief
$54.00 per dozen




Emerald Style.

White embroidery doilies
with cutworks design doilies. 
All cotton. White or Ecru Color 

Emerald 6 in round coaster (10.12.99).JPG (19890 bytes)

Emerald Style Embroidery Doily
5" Round. White or Ecru Color

Emerald Style Embroidery Doily
13" Round. White or Ecru color



Emerald Style
Embroidery doilies
White color.

Size Price  Available color
5" round coaster - white color US$ 38.00 /dozen White color
7" round coaster - white color US$ 48.00 /dozen White color
9" round doily - white color US$ 68.00 /dozen White color
11" round doily - white color US$ 88.00 /dozen White color
13" round doily - white color US$ 108.00 /dozen White color





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