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Lace Collar 413
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Black Handkerchief
$54.00 per dozen



Collar. Lady collar.
Battenburg Lace Design.
Most of the collars are handmade battenburg lace

Battenburg lace Style
$48.00 per dozen/per style.
(Sold by the dozen)

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collar 413.(small image).JPG (11503 bytes)
# 413
collar 414.(small image).JPG (12109 bytes)
# 414
collar 821.(small image).JPG (12337 bytes)
# 821
collar 822.(small image).JPG (12274 bytes)
  # 822
collar 823 (small image).JPG (12256 bytes)
# 823
collar 824.(small image).JPG (12096 bytes)
# 824


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