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Baby Pillow Case
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Double Twisted Babycase
Triple Hemstitch Babycase
Irish design
English design
Swiss dots

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Black Handkerchief
$54.00 per dozen


Baby size pillow cases.
Large selections of the baby size pillow cases.

New polka dot color:
Brown dots, French blue, hot green

Two wide hem design
Baby Cases

Baby Pillow Case
"Double Twisted" 
Hemstitch Design
$24.00 / pair (2 cases)

Polka Dots
Linen fabric
Baby Pillow Cases

Linen baby pillowcase
Hemstitching with 
Swiss (Polka) dots
Royal Blue dots
Brown dots
Hot Green dots

$28.00 / pair / 2 cases)
3 Lines Design
Baby Cases

Baby Pillow Cases
"Triple Lines" Hemstitch design
$24.00 / pair / 2cases
Baby Pillow Cases

Baby Pillow Cases

Baby pillowcase
English design 
with triple hemstitch lines. 
$24.00 / pair / 2cases

Baby pillowcase
Irish design
Traditional Irish pattern
hemstitching border. White
$24.00 / pair / 2cases)






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